Saturday, December 18, 2010

Routes and Branches Play List 12/18/10

This week I played my favorite new CDs of 2010. Trying to choose two hours worth of music from over the over 250 CDs that I have collected over the year was difficult at best. After the first couple of times through the collection I had narrowed it done to about 60, still too many for one show. I then narrowed the field by choosing the discs that had the most tracks marked as ones that I would play on the air. This is the list that I played today. In two weeks I will feature the discs that were left over from the final cut.


Keller & The Keels - Don't Cuss The Fiddle - Thief
One Horse Shy - Old Muddy River - Better Life
Delta Moon - Ghost In My Guitar - Hell Bound Train
Tim O'Brien - Workin' - Chicken & Egg
Jacob Dylan - Truth For A Truth - Women & Country
Merle Haggard - I've Seen It Go Away - I Am What I Am
Eric Brace & Peter Cooper - I Flew Over Your House Last Night - Master Sessions
Great American Taxi - Reckless Habits - Reckless Habits
Chris Chandler & Paul Benoit - So, Where Ya Headed?/ Pancho & Lefty - So, Where Ya Headed?
Marty Stuart - Ghost Train Four-Oh-Ten - Ghost Train
Eric Bibb - Rocking Chair - Booker's Guitar

Tyler Fortier - Blue Sky And Sunshine - This Love Is Fleeting
David Jacobs-Strain - Hurricane Railroad - Terraplane Angel
Stagger & Sway - Wyoming - Break Til You Bend
The Whopner County Country Allstars - Another Time, Another Place - 7 - 10 Split
Ray Lamotagne & The Pariah Dogs - Devil's In The Jukebox - God Willin' & The Creek Don't Rise
Los Lobos - Tin Can Trust - Tin Can Trust
Reckless Kelly - Somewhere In Time - Somewhere In Time
Halden Wofford & The Hi Beams - Sinners & Saints - Sinners & Saints
Ray Wylie Hubbard - Down Home Country Blues - A. Enlightenment B. Endarkenment (Hint There Is No C)
Ryan Bingham - Direction Of The Wind - Junky Star
Shawn Mullins - Light You Up - Light You Up
Robert Plant - You Can't Buy My Love - Band Of Joy
John Hiatt - The Open Road - The Open Road

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