Sunday, December 12, 2010

Routes and Branches Play List 12/11/10

This week I had the pleasure of having John Shipe and The Stagger And Sway in to the KRVM studio.
Shipe's new disc is called "Villain" and represents a move towards a more cinematic approach to his music, a reflection of his now living in Hollywood. He says that his song writing has become more refined as a storyteller and less about rocking out. Shipe says that as a songwriter he tries to tell clear specific stories with characters involved.
The Stagger And Sway, a local Eugene band that features the song writing of Mike Last. Last mostly writes about what is happening around him in an easy going Americana style which is evident in songs like "River Road" and "Sam Bond's Garage". The Stagger And Sway's current line up includes Jerry Abelin on bass, Brian Patrick on guitar and Kenny Howe on drums, all of which have been playing music around Eugene in a variety of groups for many years. As a local paper said about their music, The Stagger and Sway play "unassuming blue jeans music, untucked shirt lyrics and comfortable shoe rhythms".
Both CDs were produced by Ehren Ebbage who has collaborated with both Shipe and Last over the past several years. Shipe says that Ebbage is a fine musician that he really helps in the production by knowing which sounds and instruments are going to help tell the story. Last said that Ebbage was very instrumental in helping create the overall feel for the new album which had been recorded very quickly over two days in Portland. He said that Ebbage really got what their music is trying to do.


Allman Brothers - Ain't Wasting Time No More - Eat A Peach
The Renegade Saints - Deep End - Fear Of The Sky
Black Prairie - Across The Black Prairie - Feast Of The Hunter's Moon
Joey & Rory - All You Need Is Me - Album Number Two
Chip Taylor & Carrie Rodriguez - The New Bye & Bye - The New Bye & Bye
Old 97's - Let The Whiskey Take The Reins - The Grand Theatre
Marty Stuart - Little Heartbreaker - Ghost Train
Raul Malo - 'Til I Gain Control Again - Sinners & Saints
Ryan Bingham - Strange Feelin' In The Air - Junky Star
Ray Lamotagne - Beg Steal Or Borrow - God Willin' & The Creek Don't Rise
Elvis Costello - National Ransom - National Ransom
John Shipe - Hard To believe - Villain
Stagger & Sway - River Road - Live In The KRVM Studio
John Shipe - Some Hidden Things - Live In The KRVM Studio
Stagger & Sway - Sam Bond's Garage - Break Til You Bend
Robert Plant - Angel Dance - Band Of Joy
Blue Giant - Gone For Good - Blue Giant
Shawn Mullins - The Ghost Of Johnny Cash - Light You Up
Halden Wofford & The Hi Beams - Pill Poppin' Country Weirdo - Sinners & Saints
Trevor Alguire - Back Roads - Now Before Us
Steve Earle - Christmas In Washington - El Corazon

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