Sunday, November 25, 2012

Routes & Branches 11/24/12

David Allan Coe - Long Haired Redneck > Jack Daniels, Jack Daniels, Jack Daniels Please - David Allan Coe Live
Dr. John - Big Shot - Locked Down
Buddy Miller & Jim Lauderdale - South In New Orleans - Buddy & Jim
Buddy Miller & Jim Lauderdale - The Train That Carried My Gal From Town - Buddy & Jim
Dwight Yoakam - Long Way To Go - 3 Pears
Danny Brooks - Hard Workin' Man - Texassippi Soul Man
The Departed - Hobo - Adventus
Ryan Purcell & The Last Round - Cover Your Tracks - Pick Me Up
Zoe Muth & The Lost High Rollers - I've Been Gone - Starlight Hotel
Rosie Flores - Working Girl's Guitar - Working Girl's Guitar
Penny Ney - Saturday Night - The Hardest Truth
Randy Sharp & Friends - Burn Day - Dreams Of The San Joaquin
Dave Alvin & The Guilty Women - Nana & Jim - Dave Alvin & The Guilty Women 
Patchy Sanders - Between A Wood And A River
Patchy Sanders - Mrs. Henry
Patchy Sanders - Mandoline
Cascade Rye - Baby Let's Go - Cascade Rye
Sara Watkins - You & Me - Sun Midnight Sun
Be Good Tanyas - Rain And Snow - A Collection
Chris Robinson Brotherhood - Little Lizzie Mae - The Magic Door
Chris Robinson Brotherhood - Let's Go Let's Go Let's Go - The Magic Door
D. L Marble - Two Lane Highway - Not The One
Alice Di Micelle - Mexico - By Ebb and By Flow

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Routes & Branches 11/17/12

It was a catch up day this week on the show, playing several new CD's that just had not made it on the show recently along with a couple of new favorites like Mark David Manders and his tune "April's Fool", which is a great new twist on the murder ballad, and Iris Dement's latest "If That Ain't Love". Shoebox Letters had planned to stop by for a couple of tunes but the "day job" kept them from making the trip down this week. I decided to honor their efforts by playing a set of their tunes anyway.

Chris Robinson Brotherhood - One Hundred Days Of Rain - Big Moon Ritual
James McMurtry - Walk Between The Raindrops - Walk Between The Raindrops
Scott Macleod  - Grey Skies - Right As Rain
Noah Earl - John Henry - A Ghost In The Attic
Laddie Ray Melvin - One Or The Other - The Wheel
Mark David Manders - April's Fool - The Greenhouse Sessions
Tony Trischka Band - Sky Is Sleeping - Bend
Westbound - Moonshiner - Now & Then
Iris Dement - If That Ain't Love - Sing The Delta
Lindi Ortega - Cigarettes & Truckstops - Cigarettes & Truckstops
Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit - Cigarettes And Wine - Live From Alabama
Shoebox Letters - Heart Beat Backwards - Nowadays
Shoebox Letters - Someone Like You - You Or Someone Like You
Shoebox Letters - Love Don't Let Go like That - Nowadays
Linda McRae - Be Your Own Light - Rough Edges & Ragged Hearts
Band Of Horses - Electric Music - Mirage Rock
Leyla Fences - One More Honky Tonk - Itty Bitty Twang Twang
Holly Golightly And The Brokeoffs - Hard To Be Humble - Sunday Run Me Over
Dirty River Boys - Medicine Show - Science Of Flight
Tony Furtado - These Chains - These Chains
Jonathan Warren & The Billygoats - Brown Liquor - A Little Something Stronger Than Wine
Townes Van Zandt - Still Lookin' For You - At My Window
Old Man Luedecke - Little Stream Of Whiskey - Tender Is The Night
Twisted Whistle - Lost Coast Highway - Through The Mill
Chris Robinson Brotherhood - Blue Suede Shoes - 45  Single

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Routes & Branches 11/10/12

The final show of the Wayne Drury Project concluded last night with a packed house at the WOW Hall here in Eugene. Who knows where it will go from here, but all of us involved the project felt like it was a total success. To resurrect some old unknown songs from 40 years ago and give them a new life by passing them on to a new generation of musicians is truly what folk music is all about. My hope is that when I see some of these musicians playing next time that they include a Drury song in their set as a way of keeping these songs alive. You can be sure that I will continue to play them on the radio.

The Flying Burrito Brothers - Six Days On The Road - The Definitive Collection
Jackdaw - Gas Station Girl
Wayne Drury Project - The Very Last Cowboy In Paris - Songs From The Saddlebag
Wayne Drury Project - Country Song - Songs From The Saddlebag
Buford Pope - Brothers Of Mine - Matching Numbers
Ray Wylie Hubbard - Drunken Poet's Dream - A. Enlightenment B. Endarkenment
Corb Lund - Drink It Like You Mean It - Cabin Fever
Yarn - Heartache For So Long - Leftovers Vol. 1
Danny Brooks - Mama Prayed - Texassippi Soul Man
Stacy Earle & Mark Stuart - Lookin' For Fool's Gold - Never Gonna Let You Go
Stacy Earle - Makes Me Happy - Dancin' With Them That Brung Me 
Neil Young - She's Always Dancing - Psychedelic Pill
Staurt Davis - Spit It Out - Live In The KRVM Studio
Staurt Davis - Universe Communion - Live In The KRVM Studio
Staurt Davis - Beautiful Place - Music For Mortals
Chris Smither - Hundred Dollar Valentine - Hundred Dollar Valentine
Dave Alvin - Harlin County Line - Eleven Eleven
Emmitt Nershi Band - I Come From The Country - New Country Blues
The Devil Makes Three - Old Number 7 - Stomp And Smash
W.C. Beck & The Valiant Swains - Wal-Mart Blues - Kansawyer
The Fiddlin' Sue Band - Shufly Pie - The Fiddlin' Sue Band
The Foghorn Stringband - Humpback Mule - Out Shine The Sun
Shoebox Letters - Frozen In Fargo - Nowadays

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Routes & Branches 11/3/12

 Cascade Rye stopped by the KRVM studio this week to promote their new self titled CD. Although this is the first CD for Cascade Rye, the members have been around for several years having been performing as Jake Payne and Dixie Creek. With the addition of Kalyn Payne to the band and her help with the song writing, Cascade Rye's tunes reflect a life of being together as a couple compared to some of Jake's earlier tunes. Another example of how music is the story of the human condition and the lives we all lead.

If you are from the local KRVM listening area, I encourage you to get out and see some of the great live music coming here this month. Last night I saw the first of two performances of the "Wayne Drury Project". It was a very inspiring evening culminating with Drury himself singing a few of his songs with his old band "Jackdaw" for the first time in fourty years. The second and final show of the project will be at the WOW Hall this next Saturday. Since this is not a regular touring band, this is a once in a lifetime show that should not be missed.


Ronstadt Generations Y Los Tucsonenses - For What It's Worth - Prelude
Lyle Lovette - White Freightliner Blues - Release Me
Ronnie Fauss - A Pretty Nice Night For Houston - I Am The Man You Know I'm Not
John Lilly - Come And Go - Cold Comfort
Rosie Flores - Working Girl's Guitar - Working Girl's Guitar
Bonnie & The Clydes - Dark Side Of The Road - Wrong Side Up
Wayne Drury Project - New York Central Line - Songs From The Saddlebag
Ry Cooder - The Wall Street Part Of Town - Election Special
Mark David Manders - April's Fool - The Greenhouse Sessions
Gram Parsons - Medley:Cash On The Barrelhead / Hickory Wind - Grievous Angel
Cascade Rye - Give Her Everything - Live In The KRVM Studio
Cascade Rye - John Wayne - Live In The KRVM Studio
Cascade Rye - Baby Let's Go - Cascade Rye
Poor Man's Whiskey - Goodbye California - Goodbye California
Dirty River Boys - Road Song - Science Of Flight
Colin Linden - Between The Darkness And The Light Of Day - Still Live
Great American Taxi - American Beauty - Reckless Habits
Guy Clark - Maybe I Can Paint Over That - Songs & Stories
Dave Alvin - Dynamite Woman - Keep Your Soul: A Tribute To Doug Sahm
Ronstadt Generations Y Los Tucsonenses - California Blues - Prelude