Saturday, November 6, 2010

Routes and Branches Play List 11/06/10

For such a short life, Gram Parsons sure has had a major influence on the Alt.Country music in this country. Parsons would have been 64 years old yesterday. Since The Americana Association is holding it's 4 annual Birthday Hoot for Parsons tomorrow at Threadgrill's in Austin, I thought that I would do a birthday tribute to start today's show.

Beyond that we have some great live music playing town this weekend. Tomorrow at the WOW hall we have the Harvest Hoedown featuring Danny Barnes, The Emmitt Nershi Band and Great American Taxi. This is bound to be a great show since all of these musicians have played with each other in the past, so I looking forward to some group jams.
Tonight, we have Brown Chicken Brown Cow String Band opening for the Blackberry Bushes over at Sam Bond's Garage. When I saw that BCBCSB was coming back to town I contacted them and asked if they would come in and perform on my show this afternoon. They are touring behind their 3rd album "...It's A Deep Subject" which I have yet to listen to, and I sure I will play on future Routes & Branches.


The Byrds - Hickory Wind - Sweet Heart of The Rodeo
The Byrds - One Hundred Years From Now - Sweet Heart of The Rodeo
The Flying Burrito Brothers - Sin City - Live at The Avalon Ballroom
The Flying Burrito Brothers - You're Still On My Mind - Live at The Avalon Ballroom
Gram Parsons - Return Of The Grievous Angel - Grievous Angel
Cowboy Junkies - Ooh Las Vegas - Return Of The Grievous Angel
The Mother Truckers - Nothing There - Broke, Not Broken
John Francis - War Register Blues - The Better Angels
Danny Barnes - Caveman - Pizza Box
Emmitt Nershi Band - I Come From The Country - New Country Blues
Great American Taxi - Reckless Habits - Reckless Habits
Jake Payne - They Don't Play Enough Haggard On The Radio - What The Folk Is Roots Music?
Merle Haggard - I've Seen It Go Away - I Am What I Am
The Coal Porters - One Is Way too Many - Durango

Brown Chicken Brown Cow - Arizona - Live in the KRVM Studio
Brown Chicken Brown Cow - Fire Dragon - Live in the KRVM Studio
Brown Chicken Brown Cow - Gypsy Jig - Live in the KRVM Studio
The Blackberry Bushes - Salt Creek - Little Bit Of Grace
Kevin Brown - The County Primaries - The County Primaries
Elvis Costello - I Lost You - National Ransom
Robert Plant - Central Two O Nine - Band Of Joy
Head For The Hills - One Foot In The Grave - Head For The Hills
Railroad Earth - Spring-Heeled Jack - Railroad Earth
7 Walkers - 7 Walkers - 7 Walkers
Gram Parsons - A Song For You - GP

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