Sunday, May 26, 2013

Routes & Branches 5/25/13

I had Dennis Winslow, Dave Stricker, Stephanie Pranzetti and David Wall, otherwise known as the Portland band Shoebox Letters stop by the studio this week. They stopped by to preview a few of their new songs from the upcoming CD called "Crossing Words". Stephanie takes the lead vocal on "I Can Tell" an upbeat tune about young love. David wrote and takes the lead on "New Eyes Now" about changing one's outlook on a relationship. Dennis finished the set with a tune called "Boones Ferry Road" a country tinged rocker about facing the ghosts of one's past. I like all three tunes which showcase the diverse musical abilities of Shoebox Letters.

I had a conflict this week when both Corb Lund and The Black Lillies played a block away from each other on the same night. I hate it when that happens. Since my wife is a big Corb Lund fan, he won the decision, but I do like The Black Lillies' new CD "Runaway Freeway Blues" a lot.

Widespread Panic - Good Morning Little School Girl - Wood
Bob Dylan - Don't Think Twice It's All Right - The Whitmark Demos 1962-1964
Rosanne Cash - Girl From The North Country - The List
Blitzen Trapper - My Home Town - American Goldwing
Frank Bang & The Secret Stash - My Own Country Way - Double Dare
The Black Lillies - Smokestack Lady - Runaway Freeway Blues
John Fogerty - Born On The Bayou - The Long Road Home
Lewi Longmire And The Left Coast Roasters - Live With Love
Dave & Phil Alvin & Sheryl Crow - So Goddam Smart - Ghost Brothers Of Darkland County
Duane Allman - Goin Down Slow - Sky Dog The Retrospective
Shoebox Letters - I Can Tell - Live In The KRVM Studio
Shoebox Letters - New Eyes Now - Live In The KRVM Studio
Shoebox Letters - Boones Ferry Road - Live In The KRVM Studio
Switchback - Pour Me - Kanoka
Buddy Miller - Yellow Submarine - Let Us In Americana
Ryan Bingham - Heart Of Rhythm - Tomorrowland
Corb Lund  - The Gothest Girl I Can - Cabin Fever
Jason Isbell - Songs That She Sang In The Shower - Southeastern
Cascade Rye - Give Her Everything - Cascade Rye
Dominique Pruitt - Love Of Your Life - Dominique Pruitt
Widespread Panic W/ Col. Bruce Hampton - Fixin to Die - Wood

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